Irish Traditional Singing

Irish song has played a crucial role in the survival and growth of the Irish as a people and a nation. Traditional song has carried the experiences, humor, character, and history of the Irish through the centuries. In this presentation we will explore the historical importance of song and experience the joy of hearing and singing traditional songs. Participants will learn about the oral tradition of sean nos (old style) singing by listening to some of the different regional styles found throughout Ireland, and by learning to discern the rudiments and framework of the style as a whole. Time permitting Cathie will teach a children’s song, humorous song, narrative ballad, or an amhrán mor (big song). Participants will use lyric sheets and learn the melodies by ear, no formal training necessary. However, a tape recorder can sometimes help the memory once the workshop is over!

Past master classes, lectures and workshops on Irish Myth and Folklore

  • Lincoln Center Institute for Arts in Education
  • Kennedy Center for Arts in Education, Michigan State University
  • Swannanoa Gathering Celtic Week, Asheville, NC
  • Gaelic Roots, Boston College
  • Numerous Performing Arts Centers, festivals, schools, and colleges throughout North America and Ireland

(See letter section for letters of recommendation from past presenters.)

Band member workshops

Cathie’s band mates are also seasoned workshop presenters who have taught at various music camps, colleges, and arts centers throughout North America.

  • Patsy O’Brien – guitar accompaniment and songwriting
  • Matt Mancuso – fiddle, trumpet, and octave mandolin
  • Brian Melick – percussion (Brian is a respected educator who has created a percussion curriculum for the NY State schools.)

Further Information

Cathie’s workshops, master classes and presentations can be tailored to your time frame, age group and to the specific needs of the participants. Please email workshops [at] cathieryan [dot] com for booking information and to discuss possible courses.

Cathie Ryan giving traditional singing workshop