Irish Myth and Folklore

Cathie is a self-taught scholar of Irish myth and folklore and enjoys presenting workshops on the ancient stories and rituals of Ireland. She learned many of the old stories from her paternal grandfather in County Kerry, Patrick Rice, during summers spent in Ireland as a child. Pat Rice was a master storyteller. People travelled for miles to sit in his kitchen and listen. He wove a spell with every tale and made a lasting impression on his granddaughter. So much so that Cathie has spent the past 9 years living in the Cooley Penninsula in Ireland where many of the events of the national epic of Ireland, The Tain, took place.

Before that Cathie led tours to Ireland for 14 years with Jungian analyst and author Syliva Brinton Perera and Dean Michael Paull of C.U.N.Y. Entitled Jung in Ireland: The Landscape of Celtic Mythology, Cathie, Sylvia and Dean Paull focused on mythological tales, the land that still resonates with their power, the music that was inspired by them, and their relevance to us today.

Courses include

  • Tales from the Tain (the national epic of Ireland)
  • Brigid: Goddess and Saint
  • Fairylore
  • The Celtic Year
  • Folktales

Past master classes, lectures and workshops on Irish Myth and Folklore

  • Glucksman Ireland House, New York University
  • The Irish American Historical Society, NYC
  • The Swannanoa Gathering Folk Studies Program, Warren Wilson College, Asheville, NC
  • The C.G. Jung Foundation, NYC
  • Jung in Ireland, Various locations throughout Ireland (for 14 years)

(See letter section for letters of recommendation from past presenters.)

Further Information

Cathie’s workshops, master classes and presentations can be tailored to your time frame, age group and to the specific needs of the participants. Please email workshops [at] cathieryan [dot] com for booking information and to discuss possible courses.