Paul A. Helfrich
Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra

“It was a great pleasure to present Cathie Ryan and her three outstanding supporting musicians on the Dayton Philharmonic’s pops series. Cathie did a wonderful set for us, and we received many positive comments from those present. Her arrangements are very strong, her stage presence and audience rapport are excellent, and her songs are, simply put, beautiful.

“This was a thoroughly entertaining concert that I know was very much appreciated by our pops audience. I have presented many Celtic themed programs with orchestra, and I rate Cathie’s recent performance with the DPO as one of the best I have ever seen. In addition, she and her bandmates are thoroughly pleasant people and very easy to work with.

“I would recommend Cathie Ryan highly to orchestras everywhere!”

Jeff Tyzik
Principal Pops Conductor
Rochester Philharmonic

“Cathie Ryan is a joy to work with. It was an honor to collaborate with Cathie on creating symphonic arrangements that captured the creative spirit of her unique music. The audience loved her performance and the musicians in the orchestra thoroughly enjoyed performing with her. She engaged the audience with witty and sincere stories that gave insight into her creativity. I have already engaged her for upcoming performances.”

George Sanders
Artistic Planning Advisor
Hartford Symphony Orchestra

“Cathie Ryan makes an immediate connection with her audience. Her show is intimate, humorous, and always a musical treat. Her band is excellent. Her charts are excellent. This is a great package for any Pops series.”