July 28th 2012

Don’t quit five minutes before the miracle.

Mace head

I am going to write blogs. Who would have thought that was possible? No one who knows me well! But miracles happen. And I do love the expression, “Don’t quit five minutes before the miracle.” It has kept me going through the wind and rain of the last few years. And now here I am with a new collection of songs to sing. This new CD, touring with the best band a singer could hope to work with, and all of your support through these years feels like a miracle to me. Thank you for being there. I look forward to writing the blog.

And the icon for the blog is a mace head dated 3,000 BC from Knowth, Co Meath. I love it. Whenever I look at it it makes me happy. It looks like it is singing – or blogging out loud. Happy wee mace head! 🙂