August 21st 2020

Concerts on Facebook and YouTube Aug 30th and Sept 6th, 2020 at 7pm Irish time

I’m honored to be part of an exciting concert series coming to you on Facebook and Youtube on Aug 23rd, Aug 30th, and Sept 6th!
The brilliant duo of Zoe Conway and John McIntyre have power-housed a series of shows featuring 15 musicians and artisans from County Louth and Northern Ireland filmed at the Duncairn Arts Center in Belfast and Carlingford Heritage Center in Co Louth. We hope you will join us – it is a very special collaboration. Here’s the schedule:

Sunday, August 23rd – 7pm IST
Concert One
Yue Tang & Brian O’Connor
Niall Hannah & Rachel McGarrity
Interview with Ray Giffen, Creative Director of Duncairn Arts Center
Zoe Conway and John McIntyre

Sunday, August 30th – 7pm IST Concert Two
Cathie Ryan
Emma Langford
Interview with Neville Mac Anna, Irish Harp Maker
The 4 of Us

Sunday, Sept 6th – 7pm IST Concert Three
Colum Sands
Conor Caldwell
Interview with Garrett Mallon, Jewellery Designer
The finale with Zoe Conway and John McIntyre, Colum Sands, and Cathie Ryan

Here’s how to watch: Cut and paste any of the following Facebook or Youtube URLs into your browser

Duncairn Arts Centre FB:

Duncairn Arts Youtube Channel:

Carlingford Heritage Centre FB

Grateful thanks to Zoe and John, and to Create Louth and Duncairn Centre for Culture and Arts for funding