October 07th 2016

Cathie joins some of Broadway’s best on the brand new CD by award winning composer and lyricist David Mallamud!

I am so proud to be singing on David Mallamud’s debut CD, “The Wild and Whimsical Worlds of David Mallamud,” with some of Broadway’s greatest vocalists – Sierra Boggess, Constantine Maroulis, Amick Byram, Christiane Noll and more! David composed and orchestrated such a selection of compelling songs for us to sing! It is a fanciful tour of time and place through Parisian music hall culture, Irish-inspired ballads and sea shanties, Victorian Parlor Songs, salsa-drenched Latin Daytime telenovelas, 80s Glam Rock, and just about everything in between. Mallamud considers this album “the best of a decade of work I’ve written for the Dogs of Desire, all of which reflect a specific genre of music I’ve playfully heightened or exaggerated through my own modern and personal perspective.”
It is a whirl of a soundscape – a great achievement for this young and seriously talented composer. And the early reviews are brilliant! I think he will be winning more awards and recognition with this! Maith thú, David!
Have a look and a listen: http://www.davidmallamud.com/