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Slán Abhaile



The sun is down, the moon is blue
I think they know that I’m missing you
But time will heal this heartfelt pain
As soon as I see you again

Curfá (Chorus):
Slán abhaile, slán go fóill
Beidh mo chroí seo briste gan thú a stór
Nó go gcasfad arís orainn
Éist is bí ag smaoineamh
Ar an gceol ‘tá ag teacht
Ó mo chroí ‘seo amach

Safe home, good luck
This heart of mine will be broken without you, my love
Until we meet again
Listen and be thinking
On the music that is coming
From the depths of my heart

I see an island, you’re on the pier
I see you crying in the misty air
You look so lonely, and there’s no one near
Wish I could hold you, wish you were here


Look out your window when you’re feeling blue
You’ll see a bluebird looking in at you
Lay down your head, let yourself be free
Take in your deepest breath and sing with me


Ó mo chroí ‘seo amach

From the depths of my heart