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It’s a Long Road That Has No Turn



Emma worked a lifetime toward her better life
She built up her shelter in the prayers of younger nights
She made hard choices, she measured every one
Somehow she carried with her what she was running from

It’s a long road that has no turn
You need a little rest to accept what you have learned
Then you will turn

Emma gave him everything and vowed to leave no scars
Still the child she loved chose the darkness of the bars
Where did she go wrong? She tries hard to recall
She has seen her love not make a difference at all


Leave those dreams down on the side of that road
You can stand there forever, but you can’t make them get up and go
Believe me, I know

Emma walked a lifetime down that almighty road
Missing all the signposts, looking out for holes and stones
Sometimes life leaves you threadbare to the bone
And strips away every voice but the one that is your own


You will turn
You will turn