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In the Wishing Well



I threw my heart in the wishing well
The day I met him by the river
He sang, “Fol diddle daw, dootle ditle day,
Our love will go on forever.”

He said, “Give me your smile at the end of the day.”
I gave him my heart in the bargain
He sang,” Fol diddle daw, dootle ditle day.”
He was so clever and charming

Rightly dum daw, rightle diddle ditle do
Rightle dum da, diddly I do
Rightle dum daw, rightle diddle ditle do
Rightly diddly aw, diddly I do

Each day in the sky came the lone magpie
I knew that my heart was in danger
But he sang, “Fol dittle daw, dootle itle day,
My darlin’, you know I’m no stranger.”

I never knew if his love was true
His eyes they were always a’ roving
He sang, “Fol diddle daw, doodle idle day.”
I spied his feet then I was knowing

I took up my heart from the grinding stone
And gathered the bits and the tatters
Singing, “Fol dittle daw, dootle ditle day
Fare thee well to the love that was shattered

I’ve been long up and down on the same old road
With the well and the mill and the mourning
Singing, “Fol dittle daw, dootle ditle day”
I’ll be on a new road with the dawning