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I’m Going Back



There was a stand of oak trees beside my father’s house
The wind blew through the leaves, I can hear it now
The smell of hay just stacked in the back field
Glowing gold in the summer heat
In the softness of the rain
I can hear us laugh again

Wake, my heart, play the Bucks of Oranmore
Shake my mind, put the devil in the bow once more
Fray the hair, bend the note, lift the dancer’s feet
I’m going, I’m gone, I’m going back to Ireland

You were the King of Dublin, and I was your Queen Maeve
We ran headlong through the fields, we knew every lane
We knew the land had a wisdom of its own
Laying back on ancient stone
We heard the River Shannon sing
And we were never gonna leave


Through the tangled grass near the gorse
We would sit and plot our course
Back when my thoughts were so clear
Back in time when you were here


I’m going back
I’m going back
I’m going back