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Dark Moll of the Glen (Moll Dubh a’ Ghleanna)



On the mountain I am lost with one cow for my herd
From the east to the west I am crossing
To where the sun will set, bereft of all my sense
With no solace from my love to guide me

She is dark Moll of the glen, she is dark Moll of the steed
Dark woman more red than roses
Oh if I could but choose just one precious bloom
My dark Moll of the glen, I’d choose you

Down to the glen I look for my lone, my secret love
From my gray eyes the tears, they are falling
Oh my God of all grace, relieve me of this grief
For my dark Moll has left me breaking

To Leinster I’d go to win a woman’s love
And she with two thousand in her own herd
The earl’s own daughter fair would have me in her snare
It is dark Moll alone who holds me

When the branch, it withers, its fruit no longer grows
As it will on the younger trees blooming
Oh my dark one so lovely, I’ve given all mo chroi
I send farewell to thee for always